المجلس الاعلى لإدارة وتنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية والتعاون الدولي

Tawoos and Al-Soufi inaugurate a number of development projects in Hajja governorate.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA, Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, and Hajjah Governor, Hilal Al-Soufi, inaugurated today a number of development and service projects in the Shers district of Hajjah.

Tawoos and Al-Soufi, in the presence of governorate’s deputy, Muhammad Al-Qadi, inaugurated the two water projects in the Khayran district and the ​​Al-Rashanat area.

They heard from the Director General of the Local Corporation for Water and Sanitation, Eng. Amin Al-Maghales, an explanation of the two water projects in the Khayran district and the Al-Rashanat area.

Amin Al Maghales explained that the Hashiyah station was supported with a solar energy system in the first and second phases, with 760 panels with a capacity of 320 watts and 400 watts of production, funded by Exfaum in coordination with SCMCHA.

A solar energy system was also provided for the well of the Al-Rashanat station, with 134 panels, with a capacity of 500 watts, and a pump production of 10 l/s, financed by the Social Fund, where approximately one hundred and 55 thousand citizens get benefit of it .

He pointed out that Hashiyah Khayran project needs additional pumps and digging a well in the Al-Rashnat area to secure the increased need for water, in addition to the rehabilitation of the Beit Dhafyan project in Shars Al-Ala.

Tawoos and Soufi also heard from the director of the Education Office in the governorate, Ali Al-Qutayb, an explanation of the needs of schools and the educational sector in the district.

Tawoos and Al-Soufi visited the health center in the district, and heard from the director of the health office in the governorate, Dr. Ahmed Al-Kahlani, a clarification about the needs of the center and the necessary requirements for the health units in the district.

They inspected the plant nursery Hajjah city , listened to an explanation from the Director of the Agriculture Office, Engineer Yahya Al-Qadmi, about the plant nursery’s production capacity of 80,000 seedlings and its needs, enabling it to increase its production to 160,000 seedlings.

Al-Soufi indicated the importance of the visit to launch development projects as well as to know the needs of the governorate’s governor’s districts in the health, water, agriculture and service aspects.

He looked forward to the interaction of donors and international organizations to meet development needs.

He appreciated efforts of SCMCHA of alleviating the suffering of the citizens in the governorate, conforming the readiness to overcome the difficulties facing the implementation of development projects.

The Secretary-General of SCMCHA Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, indicated that the visit, accompanied by representatives of a number of international organizations, aims to launch development projects, including the rehabilitation of water sources, water barriers, schools and health centers in the governorate’s districts.

He pointed out that the Supreme Council is working to make the funds in the implementation of priority projects.

Tawoos called on the organizations to cooperate with SCMCHA to meet the necessary needs and focus on supporting water sources and farmers.

He appreciated the efforts of the governorate leadership, executive offices, local councils, the governorate’s Supreme Council branch, and organizations working in the direction of attention to the development aspect.

For his part, the director of SCMCHA branch in the governorate, Allan Fadil, pointed out the importance of the visit to know the needs of the district and the projects that have been accomplished.

The visit was accompanied by the Country Director of Vision -Hope Organization Muhammad Al-Bayhani, the Deputy Director of Security Colonel Abdo Amer, the directorof planning Abdul Rahman Al-Malhani, Director of Rural Water Projects Branch, Bassem Al-Areeqi, Director of the Shars district Gibran Radman and a number of representatives of the organizations.

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