workshop in Sana’a about microfinance fundamentals aspects.

A workshop organized by SCMCHA on the basics of microfinance from the need for development, in Cooperation with the Nama Business Center.

Over a seven-day period, workshop participants receive knowledge about the basics of microfinance and the development of livelihood financing activities to ensure the sustainability of sources by creating jobs according to the nature of the region and its location in fishing, agriculture and handicrafts industries.

In the workshop, The Head of the Planning and Programs Department, Mutahar Zeid, indicted the importance of the workshop in giving participants from the General Secretariat of SCMCHA, Nama Foundation and participants of the national vision, integrated knowledge about the system for small and smaller finances, and creating jobs with the competent authorities in small and small finance to finance low-income families.

Hamza al-Mukhtar, head of the Single Window Department, said the workshop will contribute of making recommendations through which they will contribute in coordination with donors to fund many activities and create jobs for beneficiaries.

Director training of SCMCHA, Bashir Masaq, said the workshop aims to exchange experiences between microfinance institutions and SCMCHA to support and encourage small businesses, empower small producers as well as encourage them to set up projects that reduce poverty and unemployment.

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