Tawoos reveals UN role towards human suffering in Yemen during six years.

The Secretary General of SCMCHA, Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, explained that the aggression and siege over six years caused the need for 24.8 million people in food aid equivalent to 67% of the population of Yemen, 5.1 million people are in brink of famine, the aggression has displaced 4.5 million people including 58% of displaced families living so cold areas.

This came at a press conference held by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on Sunday, highlighting the United Nations system and its role in the face of the human suffering of the Yemeni people during 6 years of aggression and siege

Tawoos added: Six years of aggression and siege have also caused the need of 16 million people for health services, including 11 million people in desperate need of health care and medicines, and the suffering of 4 million children from malnutrition and one million pregnant and nursing women with severe malnutrition.

Tawoos indicated that approximately half a million students who are in dire need of emergency assistance, while one million displaced children are in need of education support after the aggression destroyed more than 2,500 educational facilities partially and completely .

Tawoos revealed that the UN organizations did not interact properly with the efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people while focused on activities that do not serve the need.

He said: “The negative role of the United Nations for six years has worsened the suffering of Yemenis whole its roles have been limited to media descriptions without any serious movement on the ground.
for six years,we have not seen or touched serious action by the United Nations to stop the aggression against Yemen instead of that they often swap the humanitarian issues with political and military issues, pointing out that the United Nations has taken a number of measures that have increased the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen while the humanitarian situation reaching its peak

He also revealed that the WFP has reduced the periodic distribution of food to 50 percent and perpared the way for the use of food as a political and military paper in the hands of the coalition of aggression, away from any humanitarian considerations.
Tawoos aslo explained that UN organizations made a collapse in the health system through their sudden withdrawal from hundreds of health facilities without any solutions .

He also indicated that the reduction and suspension of fuel needed to operate water and sanitation institutions by national organizations constituted a real disaster, and also pointed out that food aid to the population revealed several cases in which international organizations introduced food and health in kind with near expiration date.

Performance of the United Nations:

The head of the International Cooperation Department of SCMCHA Mana’a al-Asal, said that the performance of the United Nations and its organizations in Yemen is coming dawn from year to year.
“Since the beginning of the aggression, the United Nations has not been diagnosed by the aggressor, but it is lightening the aggressor’s yard with donor conferences,” al-Asal told al-Masirah tv.

He pointed out that the responsibility of the United Nations to put an end to the continuation of the siege on the Yemeni people , pointing out that the United Nations is talking about famine in Yemen and does not talk who made it and who causes its continuation.

Al-Asal confirmed that donor pledges do not put an end to suffering as long as the blockade of aggression targets the port of Hodeidah and Sana’a airport.

He pointed out that the humanitarian factor was only a slogan for some organizations, and the talk of neutralismis is unrealistic because of their double standards in free zones.

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