At a cost of $ 6, 500,000: TTawoos and Al-Bukhaiti inaugurate road maintenance project in Dhamar governorate.

Secretary General of  SCMCHA,Abdul Mohsen Tawoos,The Governor of Dhamar, Mohammed Nasser al-Bakhiti, and Deputy Minister of Local Administration Hashim Al-Hamran inaugurated today the emergency road maintenance project in Dhamar governorate.

The project, which was implemented by  UNPOS in coordination with the World Bank-funded Road Maintenance Fund with a cost of $6million 500 that includes the maintenance of four sections of roads on the Sana’a-Aden road from the Oil Company to the Kamran Tour and the southern entrance to The Dhamar city from The Kamaran Tour to The Tamara area, as well as the South Eastern of Al Deery road from The Kamran Tour until Al Warky station of Province , and the Western of Al Deery road from the Al Jamarik Tour to the Kamran tour.

At the opening in the presence of Shura Council member Abdo al-Alawi and provincial agents Mahmoud al-Jubin, Mohammed Abdul Razzaq, Abbas al-Amadiand Ali Atef, Governor Al-Bakhiti indicated the importance of maintaining and rehabilitating roads in reducing traffic congestion and facilitating traffic where Dhamar governorate considers as transit point for various provinces.

He also indicated to the challenges facing the local authority under the circumstances of aggression and siege.
He pointed out the importance of directing the support of organizations to implement projects that meet the needs of the community in different sectors.

The Governor appreciated the efforts of SCMCHA that coordinate with organizations and donors to implement service and humanitarian projects in the province, as well as the role of the World Bank, UNBOS and the Road Maintenance Fund in the implementation of the project.

Meanwhile, The Secretary General of the Supreme Council Tawoos confirmed the council’s keenness to follow up the organizations to complete the implementation of the projects required by the province, including the completion of the paving of 40th Street in Dhamar city and the neighborhoods approved under the project, in addition to meeting the humanitarian needs.

local Secretary General of the province, Mujahid Shayef al-Ansi,urged the Supreme Council to work to increase the interventions of organizations in the governorate to meet the necessary needs in the service sectors.

Al Ansi pointed out that there are vital projects that require intervention, including the completion of the second phase of the solar energy project of the water toxic wells station , the north-eastern Deery road project in the city, in addition to road projects in The City of Maabar and the rest of the districts where roads of Dhamar considered the link between the provinces.

First Deputy Governor, Fahd Abdul Hamid al-Mruni, said the local authority is keen to provide facilities for the success of the interventions of the organizations in the province.

Al Murni appreciated the efforts of the Humanitarian Council in meeting urgent needs, as well as efforts in implementing the project in accordance with the required specifications.

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