SCMCHA condemns the aggression targeting of relief store in Sada’a.

The Supreme Council for the management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation condemned the intensification of the coalition’s air strikes on the capital Sana’a, a number of provinces, the targeting of civilians and service facilities.

In a statement today, SCMCHA condemned the targeting of a relief aid depot belonging to the Supreme Council in Sa’ada, resulting in the death and injury of children and women and serious damage to the warehouse and the homes of citizens.

The statement clarified that the council’s store in Sa’da governorate, which was targeted by aggression , was located in a residential area, killing a child, an elderly woman, and injuring six others, most of them children and women. It pointed out that the store contains relief aid collected from merchants and organizations for immigrants, displaced persons, the poor in the Qaza area and quarantine centers in the province.

SCMCHA added that targeting humanitarian actors deprives the population of access to humanitarian assistance.It also pointed iut that the incursions on the relief depots deprived many civilians of much-needed humanitarian and medical assistance.

The Council confirmed that the criminal raids on the capital Sana’a , a number of provinces , the targeting of civilian objects , a relief stores were in flagrant violation of international and humanitarian laws.

He called on international , UN organizations and community organizations to play their role in the targeting of civilian objects , the storage of relief materials and the consequent damage to the provision of humanitarian assistance.

The Council called on UN and humanitarian organizations to play their role and work to stop the aggression and lift the unjust blockade imposed on the Yemeni people.

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