Council spokesman: There are UN attempts to exploit relief operations to make pressure on Yemenis.

“The statement of the Ministry of Health, which was in response to a statement by the UN coordinator in Yemen, Liz Grandi, showed the mistakes in her statements,” said Talaat al-Sharjabi spokesman for the council.

“Some international workers have moved from managing the humanitarian file to manage the political file, so they have given up professionalism and humanitarian ethics and turned to politicians, calling on those involved in the management of the humanitarian file in Yemen from the UN side to have humanitarian morals away from politics.” Al Shrjabi said.

“The performance of the humanitarian coordinator in Yemen is strange, and the way she deals is closer to being a political project manager,” he said.

“We believe that there is a lot of pressure on humanitarian coordinator Liz Grande to ask her to carry out certain agendas,” he said, adding that “there are UN attempts to exploit relief operations to achieve slavery in exchange for humanitarian supplies.”

“We only receive promises and nothing is achieved, especially with regard to the provision of basic medical supplies,” he said.

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