A meeting discusses the mechanism for disbursing teacher incentives from UNICEF in Sana’a.

A meeting in Sana’a today, which included the head of the Department of International Cooperation of the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs, Manaa al-Asal, and the Ministry of Education’s agents Ahmed Al-Nuno and Abdullah al-Nuaimi, discussed UNCEF’s cash incentive project for teachers.

At the meeting, which was attended by UNCEF’s Acting Resident Representative and Director of Field Operations, Gianluca Bono, the Head of the International Cooperation department stressed the importance of teachers’ incentives and their role in alleviating their suffering, especially as they represent a large segment of society.

  1. He stressed the importance of positive coordination to disburse  teacher incentives. “We want these incentives to be an advantage, not a problem that will entail more burdens,” he said.

Meanwhile, The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Nuno, pointed to the ministry’s efforts to solve the problems that guide teachers, which necessitates coordination between the ministry and the organization and adherence to the agreed standards and mechanisms to achieve the goal of motivating teachers in the educational sector.

The monetary incentives offered to teachers were considered symbolic given their role in the continuation of education over the past years. He explained that the ministry has prepared lists of existing teachers and volunteers from the field, and they have been screened and handed over accurate statements to UNICEF.

He said the ministry was surprised that UNICEF verification committees had adopted last year’s exchange lists, which included deaths and deaths. He stressed the need to come up with solutions to ensure that the problems in this aspect are addressed.

The meeting approved the continued sitting with the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs and the Ministry of Education to find urgent solutions in accordance with a unified mechanism that ensures that incentives are accessed according to sound data.

The meeting was attended by the director of the education office in Sana’a Ziad Al-Rafiq and the directors of the education offices in a number of provinces and the director of human resources at the Ministry of Education.

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