المجلس الاعلى لإدارة وتنسيق الشؤون الإنسانية والتعاون الدولي

Director of the Presidential Office discusses with Khoury cooperation in the field of humanitarian

The Director of the Presidential Office of the Republic, the head of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation Ahmed Hamid, met today in Sana’a with regional director of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs for the Middle East and North Africa George Khoury.

The meeting, which was attended by The Secretary General of the Supreme Council Abdul Mohsen Tawoos and the Director of the Office of The OCHA in Yemen Aidan O’Leary, discussed the mechanisms of the work of the organizations in Yemen and matters related to the basic and subsidiary agreements as well as the mechanism of implementing projects, solutions and solving problems that ensure the continuity of humanitarian work.
The meeting touched on what Yemen is experiencing under ongoing aggression and blockade, which calls for serious work to facilitate the arrival of the necessary humanitarian needs to alleviate the existing humanitarian suffering.

The meeting stressed the importance of preparing emergency plan to deal with natural disasters from torrent and elsewhere, to combat epidemics and their causes, as well as to face displacement at all stages such safe return after overcoming the situation of aggression and the unjust humanitarian blockade.

During the
meeting, the Director of the Presidential Office praised the efforts of the United Nations through its organizations and institutions that work in the humanitarian field under the harsh conditions in Yemen. He stressed the importance of constructive discussion through which difficulties can be overcome and find solutions to support the continuation of humanitarian work and achieve its desired goals.

Ahmed Hamed pointed out the importance of working in accordance with clear and transparent mechanisms to ensure the elimination of corruption and achieving the goal of delivering aid according to the actual need for the victims and needy people of the Yemeni people.

The Director of the Presidential Office confirmed the cooperation of official bodies with the organizations, explaining the goal of establishing the Supreme Council, which seeks to coordinate and find solutions of the obstacles that may face the work of the organization working in the humanitarian field in Yemen.

For his part, George Khoury stressed the importance of dialogue to solve all the problems that may face the course of humanitarian action, stressing that dialogue and constructive discussion through which all difficulties and obstacles are overcome.

He praised the positive efforts made to find appropriate solutions and treatments for topics related to the humanitarian field in Yemen.

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