Tawoos meets UNICEF Executive Director’s Advisor

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Abdul Mohsen Tawoos met today with special adviser of UNICEF Executive Director Saad Houry and resident representative to Yemen Sarah Besulu Nianti.

The meeting, which was attended by the head of the Department of International Cooperation, Manaa al-Asal, discussed the mechanisms for humanitarian action and efforts to alleviate the humanitarian suffering in Yemen.

The meeting also touched on the challenges , difficulties , ways to solve problemes and find appropriate solutions that will contribute positively to the delivery of urgent and necessary assistance to the most needy group according to well-thought-out plans that achieve positive results and alleviate the severity of human suffering.

At the meeting, the Secretary General of SCMCHA stressed the importance of cooperation between the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs and UNICEF to ensure coordinated efforts enhance confidence and work in accordance with the principle of transparency in all projects between the organization and the official bodies.

He explained that the Supreme Council is the only way through which the orginzations can coordinate and deal with entities to facilitate and conduct the work of humanitarian organizations in Yemen.

He stressed the Council’s keenness to provide all necessary facilities, praising UNICEF’s active and positive work in the field of humanitarian work.

For his part, the advisor to the Executive Director of UNICEF expressed the organization’s keenness on the process of full coordination with the Council to ensure the facilitation of the humanitarian process, praising the council’s efforts in this regard.

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