European donors discusses the possibility of supporting humanitarian projects in Hodeidah.

The Deputy Director of the High Council for The Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation(SCMCHA) in Hodeidah Abdullah al-Ahdal and EU Representative Javier Natavaro discussed the possibility of European donors supporting humanitarian projects in the province.
The meeting reviewed the procedures for guiding what the European Union countries grant through international organizations working in the province, to support the humanitarian aspect to alleviate the suffering of the people of Hodeidah under the aggression, siege and escalation of the province.

In the meeting, which was attended by The Danish Council’s Qatari Director in Yemen Audrey Crawford and Director of the Office of the Danish Council in Hodeidah Mubarak, Ali Al-Ahdal pointed out the importance of intensifying efforts to provide humanitarian support to the people of the province, in line with the scale of the humanitarian disaster created by the aggression and the policy of The hunger that has been pursuing for nearly five years, by suspending the salaries of state employees, transferring central bank jobs to Aden ,detaining food vessels and oil derivatives.

He stressed that the Branch of the Supreme Council in Hodeidah will make all efforts in coordination with the organizations to direct support to serve those affected by the aggression in the province.

He said organizations must be sensitive to the principles of humanitarian action and to ensure that projects are presented that meet the needs of the province and the suffering of those affected and in need.

The representative of the European Union explained that the visit to the province comes as part of the follow-up and evaluation of the projects carried out by the organizations in the province, and considering the direction of what is granted in the right direction.

He praised the efforts of the Branch of the Supreme Council of Hodeidah in facilitating the tasks of humanitarian organizations. He stressed that the European Union continues to support the humanitarian aspect in the province and to ensure the provision of projects and aid that contribute to addressing the catastrophic situation in the province.

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