Tawoos stresses the importance working in the humanitarian field to meet the needs of the displaced.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, AbdulMohsen Tawoos, stressed the importance of highlighting the exerted  efforts to improve the situations of the displaced and those affected by the current situations in the light of aggression and blockade.

At the consultative meeting, organized by the Foundation for Sustainable Development in coordination with the Humanitarian Affairs Council, Tawoos clarified  importance of working by r humanitarian workers  to provide services to communities in many areas that have not been able to register in community centers In order to ensure that the needs of the people of those areas are provided and t their suffering is alleviated.

“UN organizations work under broad headings based on the humanitarian work which is their  duty to do where  their services and assistance should reach the deservers, while ensuring the confidentiality of humanitarian action and the dignity of the Yemeni human being ,” he said.

He called on UNHCR and international organizations to increase the amount of support and assistance to those affected by the aggression to meet their essential needs.

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