Discussion of mechanisms for cooperation between the Humanitarian Council and UNDP.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Abdu Mohsen Tawoos, discussed with the head of the UNDP Good Governance and Peace Building Unit team, Swari Bozorukha, mechanisms for coordination and joint cooperation in the humanitarian field.

The meeting, which was  attended by the head of the Council’s International Cooperation Service Mana Al-Asl, discussed the general framework for coordination of humanitarian and development work that contributes to the improvement of citizens’ situations and alleviating their suffering, as well as the necessity of accelerating the implementation of the agreed projects and activities so as to alleviate the difficulty of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The Secretary-General of the Council stressed the importance of continuous coordination to overcome any difficulties that may arise in the field and to enhance the positive role of the organizations working in Yemen to implement all agreements to ensure the alleviation of the severity of human suffering as a result of the blockade and aggression.

The Council was ready to cooperate and provide facilities to humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen so as to enable them to carry out their humanitarian and relief tasks and activities.

On the other hand, Swari Bozorokha has appreciated the Council’s efforts in coordination and facilitation of the work of the organizations, emphasizing the full care of continuing to work in order to achieve common humanitarian objectives that meet the actual needs of the beneficiaries.

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